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7 Ways You Can Make Money On Instagram…Hurry!!!

7 Ways You Can Make Money On Instagram At Sitting at Home.

Earning from online is becoming hot trend in this Generation and also create a huge market in future market.

Life is becoming more difficult day by day and no one but a youth can feel how difficult it is to get a job in this generation.

Hey, I’m CHANDAN DAS, a professional Blogger and Entrepreneur.

Today I’ll discuss you how we earn from “INSTAGRAM” most popular app. Yes! You read exactly what you read in the heading. But don’t be hurry! to see the heading. You need to spend at least 15-20 minutes to understand the whole topic. So Let’s start….

7 Best Ways To Earn Money From Instagram:

Instagram has rocketed to become one of the highest profile social media sites. Its fans clearly love its focus on photos and visual imagery. There is no limit on the earning potential if you have a fan base. But you need to become an influencer in your niche to earn a decent amount from Instagram.

Instagram’s supporters have now turned it into the most common way for people to share photos, Videos and great content.

Since then, Instagram has jumped to 700 million users, with 400 million actively using Instagram on a daily basis. More than 40 billion photos have been uploaded to date.

If you are a little creative, you can easily grow and expand your fan base by regularly posting quality photos with relevant hashtags and by engaging with your followers.


  1. Make Sponsored Posts:

In My opinion, As an Influencer is the Best-Known way of Making Money on Instagram, Where you you make sponsored posts on behalf of a brand.

Sponsored post

What you need to do-

You will need a sizeable following for brands to consider you viable, so spend your time building up your following and engagement before you attempt to connect with brands.

How you will do this-

If you have a good number of  followers, then brands will reach you for a sponsored post. But if you don’t have good number of Followers than what you do? Read carefully step by step how to get huge followers, I’ll discuss everything.

  • Define your target audience
  •  Create a consistent brand story and aesthetic
  • Use keywords to appear in searches
  • Share engaging, high-quality content
  • Write compelling captions
  • Promote your Instagram account on other networks
  • Use the Instagram nametag
  • Tag your location
  •  Tag relevant users
  •  Make the Stories highlights


What should not be done- 

  • Don’t be spammy 
  • Don’t abuse hashtags
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative
  • Don’t post crappy photos
  • Focus on engagement not follower numbers
  • Tag your real location.


How to Find Sponsor:

  • Posting consistently on Instagram
  • Use popular Hashtags
  • Tag relevant users
  • Know your audience
  • Add contact information in your bio
  • Promote on social media 
  • Follow other accounts and make a good relationship. 


 Influencers having more than 100,000 followers can earn close to $800 per post, while others with 1,000 followers or less earn around $100 per post


2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is an another great option to make money on INSTAGRAM.

Affiliate Marketing

At First, you have to know What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Seller is also going for more customers. When customer go and purchase products through your Affiliate link, Affiliate pay’s you commission of this particular products. Basically in this system you would promote somebody’s else products.

As an affiliate, you will be given a trackable link for the products you sell. This means that if somebody follows your link and buys the good, the selling company knows that the customer came via you, and knows to pay you the commission.

You have to follow some Steps to Earn Money through Instagram:

  • Understand the basics of affiliate marketing.
  •  Research on best performing affiliate products.
  • Sell High commission products.
  • Sell Demanding Products.
  • Target more and more audience in your site or account.


Difference Between Influencer and Affiliate Marketing:

The difference between an affiliate and an influencer is that an affiliate marketing works for making sales in exchange for a commission whereas the influencer aims to create awareness & provide value to his audience. He may earn using affiliate links or by promoting brands directly.

Here is the list of the best affiliate programs to make money on Instagram:

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3. Sell Your Own Products: 

This is one of the simplest method of earning from Instagram. In this method you just need to know the uses of Instagram just it. If you are a beginner and you want to start earning from Instagram than it’s a great way to earning.

Sell own product

It’s a really cool to Selling our own products to our audience instead of selling other’s products.

You can sell digital or physical both of products.

You need to follow some steps to sell your products through Instagram: 

  • Make a Unique products( Physical or digital)
  • Provide a great discount to attract people
  • Target a huge number of audience who will visit your account or site
  • Don't sell a particular product
  • Instead of particular product, sell various types of products so your income will be faster than other
  • The more your product sells, the more you will earn


You can create your website and create a marketplace for your products. Use Instagram to promote your products and earn a steady income.


4. Selling Your Instagram Account:

I think you may surprise to see the heading.

But It’s a real. You really earn a good income by selling your own Instagram account.

I know it’s not a first option for you to earn money through Instagram. But you can sell your account and earn a decent income.

You can also create multiple accounts and grow them organically for a few months, and when you gain enough reach and followers, you can sell it.


  • You can only sell when you have huge number of followers in the era.
  • All must be real followers
  • There must be an authority in the account
  • You must have a minimum of 10k real followers
  • Follow the guideline of Instagram Authority


It is an alternative method for those who just want to earn money and not long-term fame.

 Here You can sell your account:


5. Create Your Online Store:

It’s a another greatest way to earn money from Instagram.

If you are a really influencer or you want to become one, this is a perfect option for you.

This is particularly valuable when you sell products that you can showcase with your photography. Instagram is ideal for promoting fashion, beauty and food products.

You can create posts giving special offers.

Most influencers, after they get enough popularity, launch their online stores, and make money by selling their customized products.

You can Promote through,

  • Telling short relevant stories to connect emotionally.
  • Showcase your product in action by taking photos while using the product.
  • Do challenges and games to engage the audience.
  • Use photos of your product clicked by the followers who used it.

You will also need a Facebook business page connected to your Instagram Business account.

The most popular online stores nowadays comprise makeup, showpieces, clothing, aesthetics, etc.


6. Paid Product Reviews:

You can easily earn a good income by reviews a products.

You doing Reviews for newly launched products on your Instagram account and earn money through online.

Few points you have to notice:

  • Review products which are aligned to your niche
  • Be authentic in reviews
  • Be clear about expectations


7. Sell your Photos:

If you are a photographer and you take amazing pictures of places and people around you, you can sell them and make a decent amount of money.

Instagram is the best platform to display your beautiful photographs, designs, and digital images.

To a large extent, this does depend on your photography skills. The more you work on these, along with editing and composition, the greater the chance that you will be able to make some money from your images.

You can promote your photography portfolio on Instagram using suitable hashtags.

There are a number of marketplaces where you can sell your photos.

Foap – You can earn $5 for each photo you sell on Foap.

500px – here you can join a large community of photographers and licence your photos for potential sale.

Twenty20 – you can place photos on this marketplace and make $2 per photo that somebody buys.



Online earning is become a hot trend in this generation. People using social media for their fun purpose but many of them earn a good income through Online. I have mentioned some of the legit ways in this article. You can try any one of them and make money in no time. Instagram is one such platform where billions of people come together and consume content daily. Lastly, I’ll say that Keep patience on your mind and doing hard work. And mind it- Things won’t happen overnight. It’s take time.


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