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100% Chance To Get Flipkart Plus Membership For 3 Months.[ Amazing Deal]

Flipkart Plus Membership [Free!!]

Hey, [Jobgurujii Members], welcome back to my Blog with another latest topic. My name is Chandan Das, a Professional Blogger and Entrepreneur. Today we’ll discuss how to get Free Flipkart Plus Membership for all students. And also I discussed many informative Tips of Making Money Online and many more. So, stay with me till the end. I’ll discuss this topic step-by-step. So, Let’s begin-

Free Flipkart Plus Subscription | Active Plus Members | Student Offer


[ Flipkart Plus Membership]-  Flipkart has announced the membership of this plus. But there is a catch. Online Megastore Plus has launched an offer for students to subscribe. Get free for one year membership with Flipkart Plus Student Offer. You need to upload a valid college ID to get student offers on Flipkart.

The membership program was launched last year. Users must earn 200 Supercoins to become a Plus member. Sales events on Flipkart Plus include many premium features like premium access and exclusive offers. At the same time, Plus users get four Supercoins for Rs.100 each. Now, subscription selection is made free for users. 

[Important Note]- With Student Offers, you don’t need to earn 200 Supercoins to become a Flipkart Plus member.

You must upload your proof of university ID for free for one year of Flipkart Plus. Once the identification is verified, your subscription will be activated and you can enjoy all the premium benefits for free.

If you are not eligible for the offer, you will need to purchase your Flipkart Supercoin to get a plus subscription.

 Steps of How To Get 3 Months Flipkart Plus Membership For Free Of Cost! 

  1. First of all, Open Flipkart app or Download or Update.
  2. Log in or if you are new customer then sign in.
  3. Open Flipkart “Home Page” section now.
  4. Scroll down until you find this banner.
  5. Flipkart plus membership free
  6. Just touch on it or click on it & you’ll get 3 months Flipkart plus membership now.
  7. Successfully complete! You enjoy your 3 months Flipkart Plus membership.

Steps of How To Get 3 Months Flipkart Plus Membership For Students Free Of Cost!

  1. First of all, Open Flipkart app or Download or Update.
  2. Log in or if you are new customer then sign in.
  3. Open the “Home page” section of your Flipkart app and now click on the 3 line “Manu” option
  4. Now click on “Flipkart Plus Zone” section
  5.  Than here showing the banner- [Free Flipkart Plus membership “Student Offer]”
  6. Flipkart plus membership
  7. Click “Join” now on Flipkart and the “Start” button is now a student friendly page
  8.  Than tick on the “Edit” option then fill up your full name correctly. 
  9.  After this rig  “Allow and continue” this page for Flipkart.
  10. Select “Upload It” to your original student college card. Now upload both front and back.
  11. Check your student’s condition or status. Wait for your documents to be verified now.
  12. Successfully complete. Congratulations! 
  13. It’s take up to 5-7 working day’s to complete your plus membership process.
  14. As a student account you will get flat 750 off on products. 
  15. Flipkart Plus membership

What is Benefit Of Flipkart Plus Membership:-

Flipkart Plus Membership

Free Unlimited Delivery: You do not have to pay extra for free delivery of Flipkart assured products. Get free delivery for millions of products found on Flipkart.

Free Early Access: Users will have early access to top deals at flagship sales events like Flipkart Big Billion Day or Big Shopping Days.

Plus Coins: You will receive 2x reward for each of your purchases on Flipkart. Flipkart Super Coins can be taken for the convenience of counting among Zomato, Hotstar and others.
Enjoy free services: Use Flipkart Super Coins for services like Hotstar, Jomato and mass subscriptions. The company has partnered with many service providers to provide free services with Flipkart Plus.

Priority customer support: Flipkart Plus members also enjoy priority customer support.

Flipkart Plus customers will get the benefit of this subscription after earning 200 Super Coins. However, you can avail all the benefits without any effort by using the Flipkart Plus Student offer. Open the Flipkart app to verify eligibility and enjoy a free plus subscription with student offers.


What Is Flipkart Plus Membership –

This Flipkart Plus subscription includes very super fast delivery and free shipping charges. This feature includes 2x Super Coin Plus subscriptions for additional deposits, plus members can earn up to প্রতি 100 for every 100 100 spent, free and first shipping, sales and initial priority customer support, etc.

Do super coins expire?

Super coins will expire after 1 year at the end of the month in which there were credited
Hence all SuperCoins credited in a month will expire at the end of the month next year

Example – If 10 SuperCoins got credited on sept. 21th, 2019 and 10 SuperCoin Will Expire in Sept. 21st 2010.

How do I earn SuperCoins?

The Every ₹100 spent on a Flipkart order, Plus members earn 4 super coins, and non-plus members earn 2 coins.

Terms & Conditions of Flipkart Plus Student Offer


  • Full name, institute name, and validity period is required.
  • Upload clear images of college documents.
  • Fee receipt, library card, and a bonafide certificate is acceptable as supporting documents.
  • The verification takes up to 5 working days.
  • No Super coins will be deducted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free Flipkart Plus membership ?

Ans- The membership is free, you need to earn 200 super coins within 12 months to get Flipkart Plus.

How can I become a Flipkart member?

Ans- To become a Flipkart Plus member, you need 200 super coins within 12 months. You get 2 super coins for every Rs. 100 spent on Flipkart. Collect 200 Supercoins and become a Plus member.

What are the benefits of Flipkart Plus membership?

Ans- The benefits include – Free & fast delivery, early access to sales, exchange coins for rewards and more.



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