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Top 25+Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress CMS For Your Website.

Why You Should Use WordPress CMS ?

You must have a question about this- Why You Should Use WordPress CMS ? As a beginner it is quite difficult to choose best CMS (Content Management System) platform. And also for theirs who already start their blogging career with other CMS Platforms.

One Says:- Joomla is best CMS option to host your website.
Another says:- Prestashop is also good CMS option for host websites.
Yet another says:- WordPress is amazing CMS option for host your website. And some says, Dolphin is also good for host websites.


So, what you do ? This is really a matter of confusion.

There is no reason to worry. I will clear this confusion step by step. Just you have to stay with me at the end of the topic. If you are really with me till the end of the matter, I am 100% sure that you will get really flexible knowledge.


Hey, Jobgurujii members, Welcome to my Blog with another great content. Hey, I’m Chandan Das, a professional Blogger & Entrepreneur in front of you. Today we’ll discuss Why we should use WordPress CMS for our website. For understand the whole topic in a flexible way so stay with me at the end of the topic.

Top 25+ Reasons Why WordPress Is Best For Host Our Websites:-

WordPress is a free and simple content management system with many features and extensive customization possibilities.

The best part about WordPress is that it is very easy to use and flexible enough to create a complete website. The main reason for the rise in popularity of WordPress.

According to a recent survey, WordPress works with 38.5% of all websites on the Internet.

 Top 25+ Reasons are here :

When it comes to managing and maintaining a website, using WordPress as a CMS is a great advantage.

Now Let’s see the benefits of WordPress CMS:

1) Universal platform:-

WordPress is a Global Platform for making websites. And also a free website. It is a most powerful Content Management System(CMS). As a free software means you can download, install, use and modify it as you need. And it is really easy to understand nd use. Anyone can easily use it. According to a recent survey, WordPress works with 38.5% of all websites on the Internet.

2) Easy to use :-

 It is the main reason why people choose WordPress CMS for their website. It is really easy to understand and use. Here any one can easily learn how to use WordPress CMS. If you go YouTube and search How to create website on WordPress you will get lots of imformative videos but if you search how to create website on Joomla, Dolphin you don’t get lots of imformatives videos like WordPress. After that you don’t need any coding skills to build websites on WordPress. Once you became expert on it you don’t need any experts to handle it  or for manage.  

3) Easy to set-up:-

 It is also easy to set-up. If you don’t have any educational qualification or you not so much educated than WordPress is a best option for you. Because, here you set-up your WordPress website even without the knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, or PHP. It is a best part of WordPress CMS. 

4) Easy to Update:-

A lot of updates are needed to keep your blog or Website running fast and secure. So it is very important to update your Blog or Website. It is really easy to use than other CMS Platform. 

5) Managing Power:-

WordPress is much easier to manage than the other. It’s have a great managing power. Maintaining a blog is not easy, but WordPress has come up with some great features that make it easy to maintain a blog. So, It’s a another powerful reason to choose WordPress CMS Program. 

6) Multi-User Capability:-

It’s a another great feature of WordPress CMS. For large companies, running a website and keeping your site up to date requires the help of several individuals. So, Multi-User feature is the best feature in the WordPress CMS for larger companies and Organizations.

Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber- This is the great roles( By Default) for WordPress users.

7) Create any type of website you want:- 

The first thing that happens to me when I think of WordPress is blogging, but WordPress is very valuable in all other respects as well. From web sites to social media and more, you can create practically any website using WordPress.

8) More Functions At Low Costs:-

Contrary to traditional website design where everything should be programmed, WordPress provides you with a pre-written program called Plugins that will help you improve the functionality of your website at low cost. However, if you buy these from other places, you will find them very expensive. That’s why I recommend to use WordPress CMS for your Website.

9) Speed :-

Speed is an another greatest factor in any CMS program. WordPress takes less then 3 minutes to install it in your PC or Laptop. For making Blog or Website speed is greatest factor. And WordPress gives you that speed. It is highly flexible and adaptable and your heart’s desire can be easily fulfilled by it.

10) Notification System:-

It’s a another amazing feature of WordPress CMS program. WordPress personally send message via email to the site owner. When a new people register on wordpress or when someone transfer their website on wordpress CMS from another or more even when anyone comment on your post, WordPress gives you message personally to your mail.

11) User-Friendly:-

Compared to other content management systems, WordPress’s backend or admin panel is highly intuitive and user-friendly. This means that if you’re new to running a website, even with WordPress you don’t have to fight for many things like managing content, publishing blog posts, uploading media, etc. That’s why so many blogger and website owner use WordPress CMS for their website.

12) Make Consistency On Design:-

It’s a greatest advantage of WordPress CMS program because While designing your WordPress website, you can either choose a default theme or buy a premium theme. Once you set up a theme, WordPress will ensure that it maintains the continuity or consistency of the same design throughout your website. That’s make WordPress different than other.

13) Amazing Control System:-

You can control all your WordPress websites with a single, user-friendly control / admin panel. This feature really helps you a lot. You can update your plugins and sites very easily.

14) Free Themes:-

One of the main reasons why people love WordPress is that the platform gives you access to thousands of beautiful WordPress themes to create a website of your choice for free. You can also buy premium themes for your Blog and Website.

15) Easy to Customize Themes:-

WordPress themes are easy to customize because many of them come with their own option panels that allow you to change colors, upload logos, change backgrounds, create beautiful sliders and customize it to your needs without having to write any code.

16) Quick Installation System :-

Another Amazing reason to use WordPress CMS. The Quick Installtion System is great feature of WordPress CMS. This WordPress CMS allows you to quickly and effortlessly install any software that you need to run your site effectively.

17) Widgets system:-

WordPress themes widget ready and provides you with multiple widget areas so you can easily customize the layout of your site. Here you get so many categories to change in your according like header, footer, sidebar and many more. 

18) Drag & Drop System:-

It’s a another easy and most popular method in this CMS System. You Just need to drag an audio or a video file, image or document and drop it in your WordPress media library. WordPress provides a fun and effortless drag and drop media file option that adds media to your WordPress site.

19) Unlimited Free Useful Plugins:-

Here you get lots of free useful plugins for your website and blog. You can download it for free and customize it. You have to use some of popular Plugins like Youst, Jetpack, Table of contents, SSL, Image Compromiser, privacy, Social media plugins and many more. But here you have to notice that don’t download and use lots of plugins. If you use then as a result  your site getting down day by day. So, keep it on your mind. 

20) Securities:-

WordPress is designed with security in mind and is considered a very secure platform for running a website. However, like the real world, the Internet can be an uncertain place.

Since it is an open source platform used by millions of people, hackers are always looking for new ways to breach it. However, thanks to its huge population, WordPress is one of the most complex issues in the security protocol industry.

Only For Securities Purpose WordPress use this features-

  1. SSL Certificate :- SSL is a standard security technology that protects online banking transactions, user information from being hacked by hackers and is important for the security of personal SSL sites and Google is considered as a ranking factor. And you get it free from WordPress CMS. You just open your WordPress panel then go Plugins then click “Add New” then search on the top of the right siteReally Simple SSL” then click it and install it and active it through cloudflare hosting site. It is totally free of cost.
  2. Regular Software Updates:- There are many people on the internet who discover new new different ways to hack websites every day. That’s why WordPress update their software’s and securities tools in daily basis.
  3. Backup:-  It is important to back up your website, because you never know when your site might fall victim to hackers and you may lose all your databases. That’s why WordPress provide free Backup plugins for your securities purpose. Plugins are- BackupWordpress & BackWpup

21) SEO Friendly:-

WordPress offers a variety of functions that help you optimize your site because WordPress is an SEO-friendly content management. You may use Youst SEO Plugin for better performance of your site. It’s a really boost your site’s performance. 

22) Supports Mobile Device:-

WordPress is fully responsive and supports all mobile platforms and screen sizes.

Unlike custom HTML websites, you don’t have to create separate versions of your website for smartphones and tablets. WordPress themes come pre-optimized for mobile screens, especially when you purchase premium WordPress themes.

23) Allow to create Tags:-

Tags appearing under each post help group-related posts come together. When a user clicks on a particular tag, all the posts related to that tag will appear, which helps to increase user costs as well as traffic.

24) Google Sitemap:-

Sitemaps make it easy for both site visitors as well as search engine robots to navigate. In WordPress, you can easily create a sitemap with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which will help you enhance your site index as well as user experience.

25) Easy Content Management:-

WordPress CMS provide Easy Content Management System to their Users.

Uploading multimedia content using the drag-and-drop interface, creating a gallery of your images, posting schedules, and adding cool widgets to customize the sidebar. And it won’t involve writing a single line of code.

Ask a question for yourself- Can you do any of it in HTML Site ? 

26) Get Chance To Build Your Own Community:-

You can create your own social network with WordPress. You can create your own website’s and Blog’s page for building your Own Community. You just need to copy & paste your content or permalink and paste in your Social media site’s. You can really get huge traffic from Social Media Platforms. 


We hope this article answered your question about why you should use WordPress.

In my personal opinion, You have choose WordPress CMS platform for your Website.

From security, SEO and social media features to multiple plugins and endless themes, WordPress is a one-stop shop for all your website needs.

Thank You! Stay Home & Stay Safe ……


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