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Google Pay Go India Offer – [Biggest Loot]🔥🔥 Get ₹101- ₹501.

🔥🔥Google Pay Go India Offer🔥🔥-

What is Google Pay Go India Offer ?

Ans-   It is a virtual cultural event planned within the Go India game where you can tour all the cities of India. All you have to do to get this offer is update the Google Pay app and join the beta program.

You can play this game and after touring all the cities in India you will get Rs. 501 directly to the bank account.

Even to collect the scratch card, you only need to collect the GP Go India ticket and the GP Go India Kilometer (KM).

During one, you can tour additional cities or cities selected for KM or city ticket collection. However, each virtual cultural event is only available for a limited time.

Tricks to Visit all Cities of India & Get ₹101- ₹501 Directly In the Bank


Hey Jobgurujii Members.. How are you all ? Welcome back to my site with another amazing content where you can earn money online without any investment. Come back to the festival session 2020- [₹101-₹501] prize scratch card now.

The previous year Google Pay Rangoli offer is the most popular 2019 and in the same year the new unique launch Google Pay Go India offer and earn [₹101 – ₹501] Scratch Card Rewards Now.

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|Google Pay Go India | Tricks to Loot | Collect city Tickets| Get Chance to win ₹101- ₹501 | Diwali Offer|

Google Pay Go India Offer

Offers NameOffers Rewards
Play Games- Visit All The Cities. 
Collect- City Tickets and Kilometers 
Earn Rewards- ₹101- ₹501
Last Date of this Offer- 25th November. 


How to Get this Offer/ Enable this Offer ?


You have to follow some steps- And the Steps are Below:-

  1. You must first install the “Google Pay Referral Linkor sign up.
  2. After click this link then join beta“.
  3. Google pay Go India
  4.  Then you will see the “Uninstall” & “Update option“.
  5. Click on the “Update option”.
  6. Google pay Go India
  7. Then click Google Pay Apps & open it.
  8. Google pay Go India
  9. Now start “Playing button”.
  10. Goggle pay Go India Offer
  11.  Let’s go here! Amritsar or Bangalore? Click on any city to select your starting point.
  12. Google pay go india
  13. Tap on the gift box above to get your first city ticket and KM.
  14. Great! You have collected 2 city tickets and you can travel “3000 kms 100% free”.
  15. Now, the 1st ticket has been used and your entire set is ready to travel PM. Go here and tap.
  16. Google Pay Go India
  17. You go, the first city is successfully finished and then the second used here for tickets and travel.
  18. Collect tickets or kilometers (kilometers) to tour all the cities in the game and win 101 – ₹ 501 scratch card prizes.


How To Earn City Tickets and Visit more cities ?

You Have to Follow Some Steps to Fulfill this Task:-


Step No. 1 :- 

“Share a Go India photo or map -“ Collect 1 Ticket or KM Daily (Auto Tech).

Step No. 2 :- 

“Recharge any prepaid plan for friends and family -“ no minimum value to spend.

Step No. 3 :- 

“Provide Google Play via recharge code or UPI.” Spend 30 rupees.

Step No. 4 :- 

“Pay in Google Pay QRs at stores or online merchants – “minutes. Spend 30 rupees per day, 3 tickets. See Game Terms for Discipline.

Step No. 5 :- 

“Pay bills like DTH, electricity etc. -“ minimum. Spend 100 rupees.

Step No. 6 :- 

“Buy Gold or MakeMyTrip Spot – “Provide minutes. Spend 100 rupees.

Google pay go India Offer


How To Earn More Kilometers and More Actions:-

  • Google pay go India
  • “Morning Gift -“ 1 Every day when you open India
  • “Gift a city ticket -“ 1 gift to each friend
  • “Share a Go India photo or map -“ 1 ticket or KM per day
  • “Pay Google to get at least 1 –1 per friend per day. To spend
  • “Transfer to any bank account -“ 1 minute per day per account, no minutes.
  • “To spend Pay on any UPI ID -“ 1 per UPI ID per day, no minimum price.

🔥🔥Google Pay Go India Offer🔥🔥


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