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Top 7 Reasons Online Data Entry Jobs From Home On Mobile Is A Waste Of Time.

|Online Data Entry Jobs From Home On Mobile Is A Waste Of Time|


Heyy… Welcome back to my Blog with another amazing article of Online Data Entry Jobs From Home On Mobile Is A Waste Of Time. Yes!! you hear right one. Today I’ll discuss Data Entry Fraud’s which is going to be in the market of the Internet.

My duty is to keep you away from all these frauds or to save you from these frauds. That is why today I want to expose all these frauds so that everyone does not fall prey to these frauds.

Before discussing the whole topic, I would like to mention one thing that you need to read and understand for at least 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, you don’t get any quality knowledge from this.


Top 7 Reasons Online Data Entry Jobs From Home On Mobile Is A Waste Of Time.


These days everyone wants to make money from the world of internet but they don’t know the right way after they fall victim to fraud. Then they are not so serious about making money online and it creates a hateful attitude towards it.

But in reality, it is the complete opposite. Making money from the Internet is one of the easiest things to do today. But you need to know the right method.

So, I am going to discuss the topic step by step. Don’t miss a single point. You may have been the victim of fraud for that point.

No.1). Being easy is the biggest problem:-

It is the main problem of Online Data Entry Jobs From Home On Mobile Is A Waste Of Time.

This Data Entry Jobs is too much easy job in the world. You don’t need to do any extra things. you just need to one Smartphone or Laptop, a good internet connection that’s it. Whatever everyone thinks If you are a student, housewives or retired people and want to earn money online then it’s a perfect job for you.

As a result of being easy, we all fall prey to its fraud. We all want more results with less effort. And with the help of this data entry, you can earn money but you will not be able to acquire knowledge. Because there is no knowledge in it.

And the students and youths are the biggest victims. They need more money because this is the time when they want to buy new things. And it doesn’t feel right to tell the family for everything. Many students and youths want to earn money for their studies and family. So that everything is maintained in the right way.


No.2). Scams By Apps:-

In the world of Internet… many peoples doings Scams through the Internet and looting others money fluently.

Many peoples on the internet doing Scams and robbing other money extensively who have some knowledge about making apps and Websites.

There is a motive behind making every app. Some apps do good and some apps do bad.

Data Entry Scams Data Entry Scams









In these two pictures, you see the truth behind the creation of the application. Don’t share your personal information in any apps or application. Because you don’t know how much it’s harmful to you and also your Phone or Laptop.

Don’t build any type of trust with any application or apps to seeing the rating of this Apps or Application. The rating can be increased with money.

I don’t say that every Apps or Application are Bad. But before downloading any new application, it is better to check it.

If you download Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr then you don’t have any problem with this Apps or Applications but there is a lot of fraud in these apps which I will discuss in the next few steps.


No.3). Advance Payment Scams:-

Advance Payment Scams is another biggest scam in this area. They will seek advance payment from you by showing greed for money. Then try to brainwash you in different ways. After that, they say that money does not come if you do not invest. Give examples of many great entrepreneurs. It will brainwash you until you pay.

In particular, the data entry job is online, so there is no option to contact except phone and email. That’s why so much fraud here.

Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork is a good option for Data Entry Jobs but In this present, too many frauds are here.

Many people post Data entry jobs and find workers like me and you who did work for them. when we try to contact Job provider they send us Fees details and Payment Proofs and securities charges lists & also want some money for their work then they provide discount especially for me. Hahahaha… If you are lost your money in this scams like me then you feel the pain.

So, always remember do not send advance payment in any way. If you send advance payment then you would think that throwing money into the water in your own choice.


No.4). Company & Clients Fake Profile:-

It’s the main things that we never check very well. And that’s why we face Scams and Frauds. Most of the Online Money Making Company create a Fake profile and doing their business and robbing other peoples money and personal things.

The main point of some companies coming to the market is to loot the money of common people. That’s why they make everything fake. From company profiles to clients’ profiles. So that they can loot the money of others and after looting enough they leave the market.

When starting an online business, wherever you need to invest, look for that company first because nowadays everything is fake & try to loot others money.


No.5). Support Systems:-

Support System is another vital point in this topic. If you are mature you may guess the company by their support system.

Every world-class company keep 24*7 support system in their company and according to each city, a team is placed in each place to support the clients. But what you see instead is that one to two people are receiving calls from wherever they are.

If this is the case then maybe the company is not right for you.

If you have trouble working, you can call or mail a support system. But they are so bad that they do not accept your phone or answer the mail.


No.6). Blackmail:-

After reading so many things, you wonder what else is left. But there is still a lot left if I keep saying it all one after the other.

Have you ever heard that In Data Entry Sector, here are many companies that blackmail their clients in a very bad way?

If you haven’t heard, then yes, it is true that many Data Entry companies in the world make money by blackmailing their clients.

How they do Blackmail to their clients? 

Ans- When the clients purchase any plan they submit their adhhar card for being Indian, Banking statement for accepting payments, personal numbers, emails. And If the clients sign in through Apps then the Apps requires Photos, videos, contacts permission.  

Usually, blackmail does not happen as much as the rest. Blackmail happens to those who do not know anything about online marketing. The company targets more of those clients who don’t know anything, especially about that.


No.7). No Payments after work:-

It’s the worst things ever and ever. When you ask for money after finishing the whole thing, they will not give you your money on any pretext. They are ready to give you an excuse from before. They will say goodbye to you with an excuse as soon as you finish your work.

No matter how much you argue with them, they will not listen to you. Neither your phone nor mail will reply to anything.



I think Online Data Entry Jobs From Home On Mobile Is A Waste Of Time article may help you or touch your satisfaction level. I put my all experience in this article for only you guys. In my opinion, If you are a student and want to earn money so doing other things except for Data Entry. You may do Blog. I know it takes time but it’s that type of platform where you learn many extra things. Otherwise doing email marketing, Social media Marketing Like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. Doing these type of things which may help you in future for your earning source.

If you also want to do Data Entry Jobs after reading this article then I have discussed Top Data Entry Jobs In The World In My site… Visit and check out now…

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