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WordPress New Version 5.6: Do You Really Need It In This Time? This Will Help You Decide!

WordPress New Version 5.6 :

I know you’re having trouble with the latest WordPress New Version 5.6. But no worries, I’m here to help all of you guys because most of the Bloggers use WordPress for their blogging career. If you don’t know how to set up your Blog then Click me.

After downloading WordPress, you may have encountered a lot of difficulties and still are. It has even happened to me and I have solved it simply.

But there is no reason to worry, I will clear all the solutions step by step.

Hey.Jobgurujii members… Welcome back to my blog with another amazing article for the needs of the people. What people want to know is how will they solve the problems caused by the new version of WordPress?

That is why I have come to help you. I will discuss with you how I fixed my problems so that you can fix them too.

This is a very important article for all WordPress Users. So, read this article carefully, I promise you after reading this article you solve your all problems regarding WordPress New Version 5.6.


WordPress New Versions 5.6 Details and Pros & Cons:-

The Founder of WordPress New Version 5.6 is Nina Simone. She is a Legendary actress and well known “Looks Good”, “Young, Talented and Black”.


So, Let’s Start to discuss:-

: Improvement For Everyone :

No.1). Layout:-

WordPress 5.6 introduces a host of new tools that allow users to edit their designs or Layouts with or without code.

Single Column Blocks.ΧXXXX
Headers with Full-width.ΧXXXX
Design with Mixed columns & Widths.ΧXXXX
Gradients for Cover Blocks.ΧXXXX



No.2). New Blocks Patterns:-

WordPress New Version launched New Blocks Patterns that users can use with minimum efforts or fewer efforts.

Easy To Use.XXXX
Fewer Efforts.XXXX
Some Themes are preconfigured with a new block.Don’t support this feature in all themes 
Focusing on bigger tasks.XXXX



No.3). Auto-Updates Feature:-

A few years ago, only developers could update WordPress. Others could not do that without them. But now things are completely different. As things get updated, things get easier.

WordPress 5.5 has introduced automatic updates for themes and plugins, and WordPress 5.6 Auto Updates has gone one step further.

If this is your first site, you have an automatic update ready right now! Update an existing site? No problem! Everything is as before.

Easy to Use.XXXX
Everyone can easily update their site as because of 5.6 new version.XXXX
Auto-Updates option is available.XXXX
There is no fear of the website crashing.XXXX



No.4). Video Caption:-

With the new update of WordPress, you will be able to do many more extra things in the video caption, which will allow you to attract more of your viewers.

Adding Captions to your video is more simple as the old version of WordPress. XXXX
Adding Subtitles is also easy for your video. XXXX
Caption & Subtitles have supported both post and pages. XXXX
User-friendly subtitles. XXXX



No.5). WordPress New Theme – Twenty-Twenty-One:-

Twenty-Twenty-one canvas and blank block editor is the best brush for your ideas.

It is designed for block editors and features new block patterns that you can only find in the default themes.

Try out different layouts in seconds and let the theme’s stunning yet seamless design illuminate your work.

WordPress Theme
WordPress Twenty-Twenty-One Theme


Default Theme. You get a better theme than this in a Free of Cost.
Layout Switch’s Option.XXXX
Comes with Rainbow coloured range of pre-selected pastel colour.XXXX
Users can change their Background Colour.XXXX



No.6). Accessibility Statement:-

Even if you’re not an expert, you can start informing others about your site’s promise of accessibility! Twenty-one themes make it easier for your site to meet accessibility guidelines.

WordPress This version has a new feature plugin that will create an accessibility state framework for your website.

Easy to use is the main feature of this. XXXX
Automatically generate an accessibility statement structure for your website. XXXX
Includes template copy that users can edit and publish on their site.XXXX
 The copy is written to support different contexts and jurisdictions.XXXX


: Updates For Developers :


No.7). Application Passwords:-

One of the most useful new features is the new API App Password Authentication feature, which enables third-party apps to connect securely and seamlessly to their websites.

Once the application has been granted access, it can perform actions on behalf of a user through the WordPress REST API.

Unfortunately, engineering is trivial when it comes to giving the site administrator an application password for a malicious application socially. An attacker can ask a site owner to click a link requesting an application password, naming his malicious application whatever he wishes.

Access third-party apps to connect securely and seamlessly to their websites. It can be a risk for innocent users.
After Access, it can perform on behalf of a user through the WordPress REST API. Not all users understand what the website is looking for access to so they give it easy access through social engineering.
It helps a lot to find the password if you forget the password.If a hacker accesses your website, you will lose everything.


In my opinion, if you don’t need to use this feature, so don’t enable it. It can be risky for you and also your Website.


No.8). Raise Support of PHP 8:-

Making WordPress compatible with the newest version of PHP is quite a process but 5.6 Marks the First Steps to WordPress Core Support for PHP 8.

Now is a good time to start planning how your WordPress products, services and sites can support the latest version of PHP.

For more information about what to expect next, read the PHP 8 developer note.


No.9). jQuery:-

JQuery updates were included in WordPress 5.5, but they are still in this version and will continue to be added to WordPress 5.7.

Since WordPress 5.6 marks the midpoint of the update process, users are asked to run the jQuery test update plugin and make sure there are no errors on their site in advance.

Users will also be prompted to install the Enable jQuery Migrate Assist plugin if they see a problem with the appearance of their site, such as something not displaying correctly or not working properly.


WordPress 5.6 is step 2 of a 3-step plan to get WordPress on an up-to-date version of jQuery. This plan has been:


  • WordPress 5.5: Remove the jQuery Migrate 1.x script. (August 2020)
  • WordPress 5.6: Update to the latest jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Migrate scripts. (December 2020)
  • WordPress 5.7: Remove the jQuery Migrate script. (March 2021)


No.10). Final Words:-

They collaborated to close around 350 track tickets and over 1,000 GitHub group requests for WordPress 5.6 to reach the goal.

At press time, WordPress 5.6 is available in 38 languages, but 70 languages are expected to be at least 90 per cent complete and added later.

You can learn more about what’s new in this release in the Official WordPress 5.6 Field Guide.


I think this article help or clear your all doubts regarding WordPress New Version 5.6.

In my recommendation, number 7 and number 9 point is so important. Tell me in the comment section which part of this article you like most. If your friends, relatives and colleagues face the same problem then you will share this article with them.

Thank you..


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